STEAM - Science Technology Engineering  Arts Math Learning (STEM)

Contra Costa County Office of Education’s STEAM initiative

California Conditions of Learning Symposium:
Engage, Teach, and Lead
January 28, 2016

To build capacity through integrative and innovative practices that support professional learning and student achievement.

San Ramon Valley Conference Center, 3301 Crow Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA


STEAM inspirationContra Costa County Office of Education’s (CCCOE) STEAM initiative embraces the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to engage all students in authentic learning experiences aligned with the California Standards. Our goal is to support districts with professional learning opportunities, instructional resources and regional collaboration as they develop STEAM programs that prepare all students for future careers.

Artist Laurie Marshall was inspired by her experience at the STEAM Colloquium and created her interpretation of the 2015 STEAM colloquium. Visit her work at www.UnityThroughCreativity.netand

CCCOE’s STEAM initiative supports the academic success of our districts by

  • Providing high-quality, timely communication to educators via the STEAM website, the STEAM e-newsletter and leadership organizations regarding STEAM resources and opportunities.
  • Creating partnerships with business and community organizations to provide professional development, outreach programs and other STEAM events.
  • Collaborating with our districts to offer inspirational and challenging STEAM programs including integrated curriculum, extra-curricular activities and real-world applications.
  • Supporting professional development, seminars and other outreach activities to educators, parents and community members.

What is STEAM

STEAM is an educational movement that engages students in integrated learning as they explore the world around them, create innovative solutions to problems, and communicate their results while learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM is more than the individual subjects. It is the intentional integration of core content with art inspiring all students to think deeply, develop creative solutions, and aspire to a greater future

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