The City Heights Performance Annex isn’t the first venue that comes to mind when one thinks of cutting-edge art, but that could change in coming months. Last month, Nigel Brookes transferred from the Commission for Arts and Culture to become the annex’s new manager. The last manager was there for decades and retired months ago, which is why not much as been happening at the space as of late. Brookes, an artist and friend to hordes of other local artists, told me he’s already thinking about ways to reinvigorate the space: “I’m imagining a future of community-informed and intelligent program development,” he said. “I hope, ultimately, to connect brilliant people with one another and help them be brilliant together.”

The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation is looking for artists help spruce up a 2.6-acre linear urban park along a newly restored section of Chollas Creek. The official request for qualifications for the Chollas Creek Gateways Public Art Project hit the streets last week. Victoria Hamilton, who heads up arts-related programs at the center, told me this is just the start of more public art projects along Chollas Creek to come down the pipeline.