John Eger, J.D. joins the Conversations on Beauty: “Creating a Whole Student”

Event Information

SAN DIEGO, CA — On November 15, 2011, from 5:00 – 7:30pm, the Mingei International Museum will host a reception and conversation panel with San Diego artistic and educational legends about the vital role of arts in creating a whole student. The panel includes artist James Hubbell, Maestro Jung-Ho Pak of Orchestra Nova, Dr. John Eger, Professor of Communications and Public Policy, SDSU, and Christine Brady, Founder of Colegio La Esperanza. Dirk Sutro will moderate the discussion.

This is the fifth in a series of conversations that has been sponsored by the Ilan-Lael Foundation, an arts education foundation begun by James Hubbell in 1984 and which calls Hubbell’s historically-designated property near Julian CA its home. The Foundation provides hand-on building experiences, tours, and educational opportunities using the arts to foster exploration of self and harmony with the changing rhythm of our times.

The emphasis on science and math-based achievement along with the fiscal uncertainties being experienced by educational institutions have resulted in arts and humanities studies being reduced or eliminated in many cases. At the same time, businesses and industries are demanding creative thinkers to work in an increasing complex and fast-paced world.

“Our contemporary reliance on technology and knowledge of the physical world, the things we can measure, are training only half the person.” says artist James Hubbell.

“This has a profound affect on students’ view of themselves and where we are as a country.  Art is not about knowledge; it is about a very real part of being human that we will never completely understand; the intuitive. It can open windows to possibilities that our knowledge told us were closed. Knowledge can tell you where you are but it cannot tell you where you wish to go.”

New to this conversation is a performance component. Orchestra Nova’s widely acclaimed Every Child, Every Life program will supply a young pianist to perform. In addition, Colegio La Esperanza, a school which James Hubbell has built for the past 20 years along with panelist Christine Brady will be bringing a young violinist from its Tijuana school performing arts program.