The below STEM Collaboratory entities represent networks of networks within our community that help San Diego County prepare California’s most STEM-capable graduates. Each brings San Diego STEM players together and provides tools and resources to foster effective collaborations in order to develop San Diego as a leader in STEM workforce readiness in California and the United States.


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A Criteria for Quality STEM/STEAM in San Diego: San Diego STEM Collaboratory members and members of the STEAM Task Force have been working together to design and implement mechanisms to measure regional reach and progress in STEM/STEAM education based on a set of standard metrics. A Criteria for Quality STEM/STEAM in San Diego establishes a framework to facilitate inter-segmental discussion on program quality indicators and ultimately measurable outcomes. The original San Diego STEM Quality Criteria Task Force included 55 members representing: the San Diego County Office of Education, 13 School Districts, 2 Private Schools, 3 Universities, 8 Nonprofit Organizations and 3 local Corporations. Additional STEAM efforts were developed by a team 15 members representing arts educators, arts partners and recognized STEAM community leaders. Link to PDF.

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Criteria for Quality STEM/STEAM in San Diego Rubric

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