dreamrocketThe International Fiber Collaborative (IFC) was formed to create deeper learning experiences through art, collaboration, and cross-curricular themed programming for individuals and their communities. IFC’s current initiative, The Dream Rocket Project (DRP) launched in 2009, is collecting 8,000 works of art that will be stitched together to wrap a Saturn V Moon Rocket replica at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama for a temporary public art exhibition. So far, we have received submissions from individuals residing in 17 countries, 46 states and 363 communities. Submissions are in the form of textile art accompanied by essays. Topics range from science, space, technology, conservation, education, freedom and equality. Prior to the final installation, submissions have been exhibited in libraries, schools, museums and community centers. Over 5,300 artworks have been displayed at 134 venues in 22 states. Since 2011, we have collaborated with 3,659 children in Kansas alone.

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