Easter Literacy, Science, Math, Play, and Art Activities!
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Easter Literacy, Science, Math, Play, and Art Activities!

Sample activities from the Easter Unit at www.thepreschooltoolbox.com

“Easter is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Some Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday…. Relatively newer elements such as the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts have become part of the holiday’s modern celebrations, and those aspects are often celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians alike….”

Easter Introductions:

Ask the children what animals they think of when they think of Easter. Chart the animals for the children. Discuss what sounds the animals make and if they
make loud or soft sounds.

Print the Easter egg basket coloring page and have the children color. It is always interesting to see how the children progress in their coloring as they grow!

Sample Easter song with Power Point:

Five Little Easter Eggs Finger play – See – Five Little Easter Eggs.pptx

Five little Easter eggs — I wish there were more!
Mother ate the green one; then, there were four.

Four little Easter eggs, pretty as can be,
Daddy ate the blue one; then, there were three.

Three little Easter eggs … I haven’t got a clue
WHO at the purple one, but that left only two.

Two little Easter eggs — we’re almost done!
Sister ate the pink one, and that left one.

One little Easter egg — I’d better run!
I ate that one and now there are none.

One of the 13 Literacy Activities:

Re-telling Easter Stories
Read Easter Egg by Jan Brett several times over your Easter Unit. Designate a day that the children will re-tell the story (or another of your own personal favorites). Voice record the children re-telling the story. We have saved these and burned to CD’s for Mother’s Day Gifts later in the year.

One of the 10 Math Activities:

Bunny Tangrams – pdf file with the download
Copy the paper models for each of your children. Show them once how to do and
then let them follow the pattern. For older children, show them how to do the model then let them re-create without the pattern.
Online Tangram Game -http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/games/area/tangram.html

Sample Science Activity:

How Do You Like Your Carrots?
Bring to class samples of raw carrots and cooked carrots. Have the children sample both (make sure that children under 3 are not served raw carrots as they pose a choking hazard.) Print the recording sheets and have them dot with Bingo markers beside the picture that represents what carrots they LIKE or even if they don’t. Older children can use the second recording sheet and write the number of children in class that like raw, cooked, or don’t like carrots at all. Extension (Cross-over Activity): use the activity with the first letter of the names of children who like raw, cooked, or don’t like carrots. Younger children can pick stamps for names. Older children can practice printing skills.


Easter Bunny Hunt and Telescopes
Have the children decorate toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. We used collage materials, glitter glue, and washable markers. Tell the children you are going on a HUNT outside to find the Easter Bunny. Take the decorated telescopes and LOOK around. Tell the children to find two things with their telescopes that they can share with the other children after your HUNT. Things to ask after you return inside: Did you SEE a bunny? What colors did you see? Do the trees have buds yet? Did you see birds, sticks, grass? Let them share.

Sample Art Activity:

Stained Glass Easter Eggs
Cut a piece of black construction paper into egg shapes for each of your children. Older children can draw squiggly lines on the egg separating the egg into sections. Younger children will need assistance to do. Squeeze white liquid glue along the lines generously and allow to dry overnight. The lines will be clear when dry, but can still be seen. Color each of the sections with colored chalk.


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