On Tuesday evening we held our fourth Full STE+aM Ahead networking event to kick off a STE+aMy 2013. We welcomed 60 attendees from a range of organizations and schools throughout San Diego and Orange Counties, many of whom are new to the STEAMConnect community. We love the diversity!

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STEAMConnect – We’re advancing the organization this year starting with a new website and creative event programming with new strategic partnerships. Look out for more information coming soon on our next partnered event set for April 6-7. The STE+aM discussion will be part of a broader community dialogue about how art, aesthetics and creative design effect how we live and view our communities. We’ll also be adding more components and interactivity to the website over the coming months, and will keep you posted as it evolves!

San Diego Youth SymphonyPresident and CEO Dalouge Smith provided an update on the organization’s landmark SIMPHONY study in partnership with scientists from the Neurosciences Institute and UCSD Center for Human Development. The goal of the study is to measure and understand the effects of music education on childhood cognitive development. More detail is included in an interview published in School Band and Orchestra Magazine. He also provided a brief update on their El Sistema-inspired Community Opus Project, which you can find more information on here.

Art of Science Learning Incubator for InnovationNan Renner, Director for the San Diego Incubator, shared that the community voted for water as the civic challenge. “WATER, the mismatch between regional supply and demand.” San Diego currently imports 90% of its freshwater supply, while demand continues to increase. How can our region ensure the reliable, sustainable, high quality water supply it needs to support a healthy society, economy, and environment? How can we creatively reduce demand, while meeting the region’s needs? More information and ways to get involved at U-T San Diego and BPCP.

University of San Diego‘s new online MEd with STEAM specializationHeather Lattimer, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Learning and Teaching, School of Leadership and Education Sciences, shared details of the University’s new online MEd launching this fall with an option to specialize in STEAM. The program provides an emphasis on 21st century skills, equity and social justice, and classroom inquiry. More information available here.

The STEAMConnect community is growing and so is the momentum around STE+aM, as evidenced by our stellar guest speakers and chatter heard around the room. We’re excited to continue this journey with you and look forward to your continued feedback and updates on all of the fantastic work you’re doing in STE+aM. Keep us in the loop by sending your STE+aM events and program updates to events@steamconnect.org, and please continue to share STEAMConnect with your networks.

Also, a big thank you to the CoTA team for access to the Hoffman Room at the San Diego Foundation and for their support throughout the evening