We are a growing community of like minded artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and techies who are interested in collaborating and sharing our ideas to make them come to life in our space. At the IAEOU we nurture creativity into a more productive resource through incubation, experimentation and actualization. More information at http://iaeou.me/

Our Mission
To help our members develop the creativity, human intelligence and ethical culture to fuel sustainable productivity in today’s world.

Our Vision
To infuse our global society with creativity!

Our Values
The purpose of IAEOU is to promote and extend the vision, mission and guiding values of The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship by:

1) Developing a community of like-minded creative and creative-seeking individuals who are interested in extending their imaginative reach by sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, partnering on ventures and fostering sustainable livelihoods.

2) Advancing new forms of educational opportunities for membership and the general public by extending academic classes and training programs presented both through The IAE and by IAEOU members.

3) Constructing and maintaining shared spaces and resources for artistic, technical, scientific, civic and social collaboration.

4) Promoting the open development and sharing of ideas, research, discoveries, inventions and creations between members.

5) Recruiting creative and talented members dedicated to these same goals.