These days, people associate the right brain with art, probably due to Betty Edward’s bestselling book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” that was published more than two decades ago. Is the left side of brain, or math/logic/analysis, really useless for art? Can math and science help us learn art scientifically?

Dr. Wei Xu, a faculty at The Art Institute of California – San Diego, has answered these questions by publishing results from groundbreaking research at two international conferences earlier this year. In recent years, he has developed an innovative drawing method called “Angle-Based Constructive (ABC-) Method” based on math theories and Computer Graphics principles. Unlike all existing observational drawing methods, this method directly uses shapes in the Picture Plane and manipulates them efficiently with well-proven computer graphics technologies. This method applies to all drawing subjects, whether 2D or 3D, and thus breaks the limitation of the Perspective Theory, which does not work in 2D spaces.

The ABC-method contains several practical techniques that enable us to draw faster and better with freehand, without having to use traditional pencil-distance measurements. By using geometric properties of shapes, this tool-free method makes drawing much easier and more efficient. This scientific method strongly demonstrates that the left side of the brain is not only extremely useful to art, but also provides fundamental solutions for systematically solving drawing problems.

Dr. Xu is a mathematician, computer graphics scientist and artist. He mainly teaches various game programming, game math and game production classes in the Visual & Game Programming department of The Art Institute of California – San Diego, a program that trains technical-artists for the new century. He has also taught his science-based drawing method at The Art Institute of California – San Diego since 2009.

Dr. Xu is an adjunct faculty at Digital Arts Center of UCSD Extension where he teaches casual game programming for iOS. He also runs game consulting firm Geomy Entertainment LLC.

Dr. Xu is currently writing an art book based on his full-brain drawing method. For further information, please contact him via