It really doesn't matter what you call it as long as long as the arts and the sciences are not seen as separate things when we talk about reinventing the curriculum. ...

What Creativity Means: Cecil Lytle

UC San Diego Professor Cecil Lytle discusses the topic of creativity in the video below. Believe it or not, everyone has substantial creative ability. Just look at how creative children are. In adults, creativity has too often been suppressed through education, but it is still...

Right Brain Math: Times Table Overview & Fun Factor Sets

Great visual patterns and overviews of how numbers work from a right brain perspective. Tom Biesanz (Mister Numbers) shows how the patterns look and how they relate to families of factor numbers. Math times table created from fun patterns as a way to learn multiplication...

Art Education ,the Innovation Economy, and the PISA tests

John M. Eger – Huffington Post

Lionel Van Deerlin Professor of Communications and Public Policy,
San Diego State – Posted: February 21, 2011 12:24 PM

If creativity and innovation will be the hallmarks of the most successful communities in the 21st century we need to know the answers to the fundamental questions of what makes us creative, innovative, imaginative.

To create Innovative products and services as President Obama, as has argued rightly, we need as a Nation to organize our community to reinvent itself for the new, knowledge economy and society; prepare our citizens to take ownership of their community; and, most importantly, educate the next generation of leaders and workers to meet these global challenges.

In this effort the arts are not a frill.

Indeed , they may be the most important aspect of a 21st century education. Our schools need to focus on reinventing and renewing our citizens and our country to compete in the new global economy.

Globalization 3.0 is here.

Reflection on Processing and Creative Computing by Noah Thoron

The Fab Lab San Diego functions with the same goal of extending access to the benefits of technology to those who stand to benefit from creative learning experiences. Additionally, the Fab Lab SD is expanding its services to include custom design, workshops, and membership options...

UC San Diego and Fab Lab San Diego make STE[+a]M

The Fab Lab @ UCSD is meshing computer science with creative project based learning. The combination is an example of how science and art come together to make something magical. In partnership with UCSD Extension and the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Fab Lab San Diego is...

If You Want to Reinvent the Curriculum: Look North

All the action integrating the arts into the K-12 curriculum is already well underway, in Canada. Yes, in good old Toronto, the place Peter Ustinov once called "New York run by the Swiss", meaning that Toronto is a big city (like New York City), but that...

Now Available From Amazon?

Arts Education and the Innovation Economy: Ensuring Our Kid's Success in the 21st Century [Paperback] John M. Eger (Author) Follow John M. Eger on Twitter: ...