Throw Your entire body into a whimsical exploration of math at the new “Geometry Playground” exhibition. Exhilarating hands-on exhibits will have you playing a goofy game of hopscotch, climbing a structure of giant multi-sided shapes, crawling through corkscrew tunnels and creating geometric works of art, all while exploring the patterns, angles, arcs and shapes that make up the most visual branch of math. You haven’t had this much fun since the time you had daily recess breaks! There are more than 20 thrilling hands-on exhibits to explore. Here’s a sneak peek!

Let’s play! Fitting things together, seeing things and moving things all become ways of exploring geometry.

 The exhibition also includes a “Geometry Garden Pavilion” featuring a collection of natural and manmade curiosities. Displays of geometric artwork and sculpture created by artists and craftspeople will complement natural specimens – from crystals to spiraling seashells – revealing the beauty that emerges from the basic rules of geometry.

The “Geometry Playground” exhibition will be open daily from June 11, 2011 through June 10, 2012. “Geometry Playground” is a traveling exhibition, produced by the world-famous Exploratorium in San Francisco. The exhibition is funded in part by a generous grant from the Viterbi Family Foundation.