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Students Build & Program Their Own Robots with Rokenbok
Students have been building working vehicles, buildings, and machines of every description with Rokenbok engineering toys for over two decades, but soon they will be able to program those creations to do whatever they can imagine. Today, Rokenbok Education launched a Kickstarter campaign for the ROKduino Programmable Robotics Set. The set comes with step-by-step instructions to build and program a Beetle-bot, a Scorpion Hunter and an auto-Ferris Wheel. With over 400 building components, including sensors, motor modules, hinges, wheels and gears, imagination is the only limit to what children can build.

The heart of this robotics set is the new ROKduino smart block. After building their creation with Rokenbok building components, children plug the ROKduino into a computer and start coding. With Rokenbok’s step-by-step instructions and drag-and-drop programming, students as young as eight years old can enjoy the satisfaction of bringing their robots to life. After mastering the basics, it’s a snap to step into full Arduino programming, the world’s most popular, open-source robotics programming language.

“Understanding how technology works is so valuable to today’s children, and we love helping them build these skills,” says Paul Eichen, Executive Director of Rokenbok Education. “Learning about robotics includes computer science, mechanical and structural engineering, and physics. I just love seeing the incredible ideas children come up with as they learn through play.”

Everything included in the robotics set, including the ROKduino smart block, can snap into every building component Rokenbok has ever produced. Plus, Rokenbok will be providing downloadable designs for 3D printers, so teachers and students will be able to create their own custom components.

If the campaign succeeds, Rokenbok will add the set to the mobile STEM labs the non-profit organization brings to low-income schools.
The Rokenbok Programmable Robotics Set will retail for $300, but will go for $249 during the Kickstarter campaign and as little as $175 for the first fifty backers. A limited number of deeply-discounted educator packages are also available in the campaign.
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About Rokenbok Education
Rokenbok Education is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. Rokenbok makes STEM education more fun and meaningful for students, easier for teachers, and more cost effective for schools and youth programs. Rokenbok Education also offers a line of products for the home. Rokenbok charges for its products and training, however substantial subsidies are available for schools and youth programs serving underserved students – those from low income households, minorities, and girls.