Dr.WilsonDear Parents, Students and Community Members:

It is a tremendous privilege to be the new Principal of Harriet Tubman Village Charter School. I bring to HTVCS almost 30 years of experience working with students of all ages, as a teacher, administrator and principal.

I believe in a team approach to education. I have high expectations for the upcoming school year. By working closely with parents and the school’s outstanding teachers and staff, we will provide high quality classroom instruction, a nurturing school climate, and a safe learning experience for all students.
The 2015-16 school year at HTVCS will be an especially exciting one. We plan for this to be the planning year for our STEAM Maritime program. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We’ll present these core curriculums to students through a maritime theme designed to connect HTVCS with the community and the area’s beautiful beaches, colleges and universities and with ocean-related research labs, the Navy, and the Port of San Diego.

The school will partner with multiple businesses and non-profit entities to create learning experiences that will assure our students are not only ready to compete in the colleges of their choice, but they will also be prepared to make meaningful contributions as professionals in our global economy. By partnering with the tremendous resources we have right here in San Diego, we will position ourselves to boost our students’ learning experiences as we become a California Distinguished School.

Before these exciting changes take place, I would like the opportunity to work with parents so we can discuss the STEAM Maritime program and develop a shared vision for the school. We have several events we are working on for the summer that will be announced in the upcoming weeks – a Town Hall Meeting, and the Back to School BBQ. I also invite you to contact me directly by phone, email, or schedule an appointment with me to discuss the future of HTVCS.

Together we remain committed to continuing the school’s mission of providing excellence in education for all of our students through our school’s motto, Tiger Pride!

Tiger Pride builds on the four founding principles of the school:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Excellence

These four basic principles are the pillars of Harriet Tubman Village Charter’s character education, and will continue to prepare our students for college and adulthood.

Lastly, I believe there are no better educators than our parents and guardians. I urge all adults involved in the Harriet Tubman Village Charter School community to take an active role with us and in their children’s learning journey. As our partners in the learning process, there are many ways in which parents can actively team with the school. Parent involvement includes participation in PTC, ELAC committee, school council, family nights, performances at the school, nightly checking homework/school assignments, checking with teachers, participating in parent conferences, and emailing or phoning teachers/administration whenever there is a question or concern.

Research over the past 20 years has shown that consistent parent involvement increases students’ achievement and self-esteem. When families are actively involved in their children’s education in positive ways, their children:

– Achieve higher on grades and test scores

– Have better attendance at school

– Complete more homework

– Demonstrate more positive attitudes and behavior

Please contact me with any questions you might have about the upcoming school year.

Go Tigers! The 2015-16 school year will be phenomenal! Tiger Pride!

Dr. Barney J. Wilson
619/668-8635 Office
619/668-2480 Fax