Science, Technology, Engineering, +arts, Math

The foundation of STE[+a]M is based on the use of both sides of the brain where convergent and divergent thinking are able to occur. More

It is important to dispel misconceptions about the left brain versus right brain question as those misconceptions have been wrongly used to justify a lot of theories about educational reform. It is often suggested that cognitive science supports the contention that our educational system is geared only to the rational (STEM), analytical left brain, at the expense of the creative ([+a] Arts), visual, imaginative right brain and that pupils are therefore not encouraged to “see the whole picture” and to use their brains as an integrated whole.

Our national focus on STEM education is grounded in a left brain approach that has excluded the Arts from enabling our students to have a well balanced approach to thinking. Hence, the movement of going from STEM to STE[+a]M is sound approach in approaching educational policy and new educational practices.

Ed Abeyta, Ph.D.
UC San  Diego
Director of K-16 Programs

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