Linda VerLee Williams’ Teaching for the Two-Sided Mind: A Guide to Right Brain/ Left Brain Education may have been published a few years back, but her points about the importance of engaging bothsides of the brain when teaching still hold true today.

The book includes specifics of research on this topic as well as practical tips for how to engage the two sides of the brain in the classroom, where traditionally only left-brained activities are employed.

From the back of the book: “Recent research on the brain has revolutionized our concept of how we think. We now know that the two sides of the brain serve radically different functions. The left hemisphere is associated with linear, analytic thought; the right hemisphere governs spatial, integrative thought. In Teaching for the Two-Sided Mind Linda VerLee Williams explores the application of this important research to the classroom, summarizing current knowledge, discussing its implications, and providing practical teaching techniques that draw upon the right side of the brain.”

Chapters:1. Learning with the Whole Brain
2. Scientific Theory and Educational Practice
3. How Do You Think?
4. Metaphor
5. Visual Thinking
6. Fantasy
7. Multisensory Learning
8. Direct Experience
9. How to Start
10. Conclusion

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