Harvey Seifter, project director and principal investigator, and San Diego incubator director, Nan Renner, hosted an information session on Friday morning April 26 at the Natural History Museum. The session started with an in depth overview of the history of the project leading up to where it stands today. More detail on the background available here: http://www.artofsciencelearning.org/index.php.

The team is calling for 100 community members of all ages and expertise, including 20 high school and college students, to join them in learning the project’s new arts-based curriculum and solve issues around the region’s innovation challenge: water. Recruiting is taking place in San Diego and the northern Baja region in Mexico.

The incubator will kick off in October, and after the first three months 10 teams will self-select, five addressing the innovation challenge and the other five creating new programs integrating arts into STEM learning. The curriculum will be taught by a group of experts most likely during Saturday sessions for a total of 150 hours over a year’s time. Participants will become certified Art of Science Learning Fellows and will be armed with brand new tools to innovate.

To join the incubator, visit: http://bpcp.org/sites/default/files/aosl_incubator_application.pdf. There are also opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate by becoming team mentors or partnering on public outreach. You can host an incubator meeting, a public event or a temporary showcase, for example. For more information on how you can get involved, visit http://bpcp.org/incubator or reach out to Nan Renner at sdincubator@bpcp.org.