From the University of California, Berkeley

NOOR is the Arabic and Farsi word meaning “Light” and is one part of the new FIAT LUX ­ Fusion in Art, Technology and Life ­ research group being formed at CITRIS. NOOR concerns research into computer graphics animation of time variant analytical geometric patterns based on classical art and architecture found in the Middle Eastern regions, from the Byzantine era of the 5th century CE until the present day, including Islamic, Turkish, Persian, Hebrew and other cultures. The geometries include self-similarity, Penrose tiling, quasicrystal structures, and others. Three key motifs of geometric designs, floral and vegetative motifs, and calligraphy animation will be discussed. This presentation will show some results of our initial, preliminary research into animation of the geometric patterns, utilizing computer graphics in both traditional animation methods, and some of our new algorithmic animation patterns. and some architectural simulations of LED Video Light Sculptures proposed for the UC Berkeley. campus, and other international locations.