“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke

The University of California, San Diego and the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation are launching a major center to better understand, enhance and enact the gift of human imagination. A few related questions guide our effort:

  • How can imagination be better harnessed and applied, both to solving problems and expanding the reach of our joys?
  • How can imaginative creativity be taught and nurtured through education, games, technology or popular culture?
  • What approaches will enhance practical applications, comparing our imaginations to reality, preventing bad outcomes and making good dreams come true?
  • What is imagination? How can we understand it through the work of scientists, artists and educators?
  • How can modern science provide insight into the origins and processes of imagination, by using our rapidly developing brain sciences?
  • How can our works of imaginative culture better help us peer beyond the edges of our current condition, providing insight into how the changing present shapes our future?
  • How do new means of communication and interaction enable us to inspire and tap the unrealized potentials of global imagination?
  • How have our imagined expectations about the future either failed or been reified by our present?
  • How can we make prediction – or tested imagination – become a useful art, even science?