The Fab Lab @ UCSD is meshing computer science with creative project based learning. The combination is an example of how science and art come together to make something magical.

In partnership with UCSD Extension and the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Fab Lab San Diego is developing and implementing a series of courses designed to offer high school students technically advanced experiences in computer science, graphic and industrial design, electronics, and digital fabrication.

During summer 2010, Fab Lab San Diego presented “Creative Computing”, a program with the UCSD Extension Academic Connections program for high school students. This is a one-week intensive program in which students learn about interface design, input devices, Wiimote hacks, and coding using Processing, an open source programming environment.

-Ed Abeyta, Ph.D., Director of K-16 Programs at UC San Diego

Registration for winter and spring 2011 courses is taking place NOW!