Anika Ullah
Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

By Deborah L. Bright, thisweek@ucsandiego

Multidisciplinary issues need multidisciplinary solutions. That’s biology major and visual arts minor Anika Ullah’s mantra. Ullah believes that when put together, visual media, science and community engagement can serve as powerful tools for gaining insight into current health-related issues, shaping scientific study design and increasing public agency—and she’s dedicated her undergraduate career to three local, binational and global projects that accomplish that aim.

Intersectional Health Project San Diego

After interning for five summers at Stanford University during high school and college developing a low-cost therapeutic platform for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Ullah became committed to conducting cost-effective biodesign and biomedical research that aims to improve the health of populations in low-resource settings.

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