FabLab San Diego in Partnership with UCSD Extension from Spotlight on Vimeo.

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At FabLab San Diego, students and community members are invited to come “make almost anything.” The space is a digital design and fabrication laboratory that invites the public to experiment with high-tech tools.
At Hackasaurus Jam, Mozilla Encourages Young Programmers to Change the Web Tinkering the Classroom: Makers Combine the Digital and the Physical for Hands-On Learning.

In 2010, teens from a University of California San Diego summer extension program learned how to code in an open-source programming language called processing.

Watch them demonstrate their interactive designs in the videos above. The animations are controlled with infrared pens that the students built themselves.

These projects were part of a larger course on the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context, according to FabLab Program Director Katie Rast. The course was offered to middle and high school students to provide a foundation for future work in fields such as game design, web development and data visualization.
Read more about the work going at FabLab San Diego here. You can also see more examples of student work on FabLab’s Vimeo site.